In case you missed them, here are this month’s most read posts.

An extraordinary being: CEOs with uncommon names choose uncommon strategies

Adventurous new research concludes that CEOs with uncommon names are more likely to make unique strategic choices

Working from home has been a bad deal for companies and workers

New research concludes that working from home during the COVID-19 crisis lowered productivity, as people put in longer hours just to keep up with past performance

Is TV ad spending worth it? Probably not

New research concludes that TV ad spending has a positive ROI only in rare cases and even then not by much

The EU’s new rules will completely rewrite the AI playbook

With the AI Intelligence Act, the EU takes a stand as the West’s most active regulator of these promising but controversial technologies

Climbing the two ladders: how Chinese companies move up the global value chain

A new model explains how Chinese companies catch up to and even surpass their Western competitors and the markets in which they are more likely to excel

Posted by:Carlos Alvarenga