In case you missed them, here are this month’s most read posts.

1. Fear, power, and passwords: a psychological analysis of cybersecurity success and failure

New research uses human reactions to healthcare threats to better understand why employees do, and don’t, comply with cybersecurity policies

2. Will the pandemic change capitalism? Our return to the office in 2021 may give us the answer

The workspace has always been a mirror of our conception of capitalism, and the pandemic may force capitalism to evolve yet again

3. Robots are job creators, for better or worse

A comprehensive analysis of a decade’s worth of robot investments finds that robots create more jobs than they eliminate — but that may be the bad news

4. Algorithms of the world unite: platform companies are evolving management in real-time

Automated platforms define autonomy and manage labor in startling new ways that may soon crossover and impact how we all lead and work

5. Blockchain for business: the story so far

New research looks at the first generation of enterprise blockchain initiatives and finds success and lessons on which second-generation projects can build

Posted by:Carlos Alvarenga